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University of Gävle participates in major EU initiative to reduce food waste


EU/Horizon 2020 invests SEK 60 million in the project “From farm to fork” in which seven selected European higher education institutions will collaborate to reduce food waste.


Today, food waste in Europe alone amounts to 88 million tonnes annually at a cost of €143 billion. Globally, it accounts for 8-10% of all greenhouse gas emissions. To combat climate change, the UN has therefore set a target to halve food waste by 2030.

Primarily, the From farm to fork project aims to develop science-based tools to help us make better decisions regarding food production supply chains and consumption patterns.

The researchers’ models will then be tested for four years in three cities: Bollnäs in Sweden, Graz in Austria, and Valencia in Spain.

The researchers in Gävle will specifically investigate how leadership can facilitate change, examine strategies for change and drivers of change, and seek to identify existing barriers to change.

Rodrigo Lozano

Rodrigo Lozano

“We will first explore drivers and barriers to change and then focus on strategies to overcome those barriers,” Rodrigo Lozano explains.

Unique collaboration

Both the scale of the collaboration and the combination of collaborators make this collaborative project unique, Rodrigo Lozano claims. Participants come from a range of technical disciplines, agricultural engineers, for example, and, in addition, there are researchers from universities, business leaders, change managers and lawyers. Moreover, a training centre connected with the Hälsingland Education Association in Sweden participates.

Maria Barreiro Gen

Maria Barreiro Gen

“For us here at University of Gävle, it is very valuable that we gain the opportunity to test our ideas in collaboration with the Hälsingland Education Association. Our previous collaborations have been very productive,” says Rodrigo Lozano, who leads the project at University of Gävle together with Maria Barreiro.

“We need to approach food waste from multiple disciplinary perspectives. We also have companies involved which ensures a much broader, and much more interesting, collaboration.”

Text: Douglas Öhrbom
Photo Rodrigo Lozano: Anna Sällberg

The European project “From Farm to Fork” was granted SEK 60 million by the EU research programme Horizon 2020. It involves 21 partners from seven countries: Greece, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Austria.

The goal is to ensure a fair, environmentally-friendly food system from production to consumption.


Rodrigo Lozano, professor of organisational sustainability at University of Gävle
Phone: 073-461 83 56
E-mail: rodrigo.lozano@hig.se

Maria Barreiro Gen, senior lecturer in organisational sustainability at University of Gävle 
Phone: 070-483 21 17
E-mail: maria.barrerio@hig.se

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