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Statement of solidarity with Ukraine


“I wholeheartedly stand behind the statement of solidarity with Ukraine’s higher education institutions and civilian population,” says Ylva Fältholm, vice-chancellor of University of Gävle. “What is unfolding in Ukraine is not only an assault on Ukraine’s right to sovereignty but a threat to peace in the whole of Europe.”

The Association of Swedish Higher Education Institutions (SUHF) has released a statement of solidarity with colleagues, students and the entire population of Ukraine who have been affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Ylva Fältholm is a member of the SUHF board and has been involved in the drafting of the statement that has now been adopted.

“We are following the tragic developments so that we can assist affected staff, colleagues, and students. Through the international organisation Scholars at Risk, we have the possibility to support researchers who are fleeing.”

Read more here www.suhf.se

EUA statement of solidarity with Ukraine

Published by: Veronica Liljeroth Page responsible: Anders Munck Updated: 2022-03-01
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