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The University of Gävle forms new European University


It has now been confirmed that the University of Gävle will form a new European University alliance with eight other higher education institutions from eight different countries. The EU has granted the universities’ joint application to launch EU GREEN.

Högskolan i Gävle

University of Gävle

In March, the University submitted a joint application with eight other European higher education institutions to form the new European University alliance for sustainability: responsible GRowth, inclusive Education and ENvironment (EU GREEN). The European Commission has now announced that the application has been granted.

“This is extremely positive news indeed, not only for the University of Gävle, but also for Region Gävleborg and Sweden as a whole. The alliance will further raise the status of our education and research in an international arena. It also affords greater opportunities for collaboration and offers our students the entire European University as their campus,” says Ylva Fältholm, vice-chancellor of the University of Gävle.

EU GREEN: A model for international collaboration

EU GREEN is an alliance of nine higher education institutions in nine EU Member States: Sweden, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Spain.

Together, the higher education institutions will develop a model for international cooperation with a strong emphasis on social participation and the green and digital transformations that are so vital to long-term sustainability. Another key area is the development of interdisciplinary research and education that provides students with access to the courses, programmes and ongoing research conducted by the various universities.

The University of Gävle is the only Swedish member of EU GREEN.

“The alliance will offer new opportunities to students, teachers and researchers to study and work internationally, while at the same time enhancing the quality of higher education in Europe,” says Fältholm.

The European Commission will fund EU GREEN to the tune of €14.4 million (almost SEK 152 million) over four years. Funds are awarded through the Erasmus+ call for proposals.

The purpose of European Universities is to promote common European values and to enhance the quality of higher education in the EU.

There are currently 44 European Universities involving 340 higher education institutions, 13 of which are Swedish. Sweden is among the most successful countries in the initiative, both in terms of the number and percentage of universities involved. The University of Gävle and University of Skövde are the only two Swedish universities to join the European Universities initiative in the 2022 Erasmus+ call.


Anders Munck, Press Officer at the University of Gävle, +46 (0)70 794 65 23

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