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The university hoists the flag for Ukraine on National Day


August 24th is Ukraine's national day and the University of Gävle will hoist their flag on their national day to show support for the people of Ukraine. Through Scholars at Risk, the University of Gävle is also hiring a Ukrainian researcher she is starting here in the autumn.

Ukraine flag next to the university flag

24th of August is the Ukraine national day

- Being able to help a researcher from Ukraine during this situation feels great and it's good to see that so many colleagues are committed to making this happen, says Malin Hillman, international coordinator at the University of Gävle.

Earlier this year, the University with rector Ylva Fältholm made a statement in favor of Ukraine. During this autumn semester a researcher from Ukraine will be employed through the international organization Scholars at Risk. She is a researcher in educational science and has come to Sweden together with her son. Scholars at Risk is an international organization that supports scholars who, for various reasons, are at risk in their home countries.

More information on Scholars at risk on their webpage.

Published by: Nathalie Davey Page responsible: Anders Munck Updated: 2022-08-24
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