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University preparedness for COVID-19


Last spring, University of Gävle returned to normal operations after almost two years of distance learning and restrictions due to COVID-19. This autumn, study programmes, courses, and examinations will be carried out as planned. However, the University is prepared in case the spread of the infection increases again and in case the Public Health Agency of Sweden should introduce new recommendations.


The Public Health Agency expects more people to fall ill with respiratory infections, including COVID-19, now when many people return to workplaces, schools, and universities after the summer. Therefore, those who have symptoms that could be COVID-19 continue to be advised to stay at home and to get vaccinated.

As things stand, the Public Health Agency do not plan to introduce any new restrictions the coming autumn. This means that our campus-based courses and programmes will be carried out as planned on campus. However, the University is prepared in case the COVID-19 situation changes.

“Should we receive new recommendations which tell us to switch to distance learning, we will of course do so as soon as possible - for all courses where it works. When elements of our courses cannot be run online, we will take other measures - such as reducing the number of students present at any one time. It may be difficult to carry out teaching remotely when specific tools, equipment or premises are needed in a course module," says Maria Strand, head of the Department of Educational Support at the University.

The University follows all recommendations from the Public Health Agency strictly and monitors COVID-19 developments.

“The University has had a committee for pandemic-related issues throughout the pandemic and it can be activated 'on the fly' if we need to adapt to new recommendations quickly,” Maria Strand says.

The University provides facemasks that can be collected from the Student Centre for all who wish to use one. Hand sanitiser is available at the entrances and in the lavatories, for example.

General recommendations that still apply:

  • get vaccinated
  • stay at home if you have symptoms of illness
  • unvaccinated people should continue to keep their distance and avoid crowding indoors.


Members of staff can direct their questions to the University’s Coordination Committee via email covid19@hig.se

Students should pose their questions to their teacher, course coordinator or use studentsupport@hig.se.

Published by: Anders Munck Page responsible: Anders Munck Updated: 2022-08-24
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