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International programme in business administration at Gävle among the most attractive


Statistics from The Swedish Council for Higher Education show that the master’s programme in business administration at University of Gävle stands out; it is the third most sought-after master's programme in Sweden.

Högskolan i Gävle

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“A team of university teachers from many countries helps build the international character that is central to all our research as well as to the courses and programmes offered. We have a good reputation, and it is spreading. To me, that explains why we attract so many international students,” says Patrick Sörqvist, head of the Department of Business and Economics studies.

All teaching is in English, and the students come from all over the world, which means that there is a wide range of people from different cultures with diverse working experiences from their countries.

The master’s programme in business administration is one year long and provides a specialisation in leadership, in how to run businesses and organisation successfully. The use of case studies from real companies gives the students opportunities to practice real-life decision-making.


Mohammad Mashukul Islam

Mohammad Mashukul Islam

Mohammad Mashukul Islam comes from Bangladesh. He had heard many positive things about the programme and about Sweden from people who studied here earlier. After nine months of studies here, he thinks the programme is good and so is the support on Campus.

“The courses in the programme are very good and updated and, therefore, they are very suitable for international students. Our lecturers come from all over the world, and, for Asian students, the fact that some lecturers have experiences from our part of the world is a great advantage.

Mohammad wants to continue studying and he is particularly interested in the large emerging markets like India, China, and Bangladesh. However, eventually he wants to return home to make use of his knowledge.

“That part of world has great human resources and their markets are now growing rapidly. So, Bangladesh could be the best place to make use of my knowledge.

“I like the Swedes. They are slightly shy compared to people at home, but when I spend time with them, I find Swedes to be very polite and kind,” Mohammad Mashukul Islam says.


Kenneth Santos

Kenneth Santos

Kenneth Santos comes from the Philippines and Sweden was an obvious choice to him as his family is here. Another important reason for his choice was the fact that he was awarded a grant from Swedish Institute Scholarship.

“The courses match my experiences, and the programme is very challenging as it stimulates critical thinking regarding business theories. I have enjoyed how our lecturers demonstrate their expertise in their fields when they manage classroom discussions. They are very forthcoming even in sensitive subjects like leadership and gender,” Kenneth Santos says.

He plans to stay in Sweden and continue with a doctoral programme focused on Comparative Management and Behavioral Finance.


“We are very pleased that so many students have applied to our master’s programme. Its multicultural approach fosters acceptance and understanding which we view as important assets and competitive advantages in an increasingly globalised labour market,” says Olivia Kang, programme director.

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Text: Douglas Öhrbom

What is a master's programme?

A master's degree is a second-cycle qualification, preceded by three years of undergraduate studies. The master's level provides greater opportunity for in-depth study and specialisation in the field, and the degree project can be linked to research projects at the University.

Master's programmes are often international, which means that lectures and required reading are in English.

Internationally, master's programmes tend to be regarded as post-graduate studies, i.e., as part of a doctoral programme, whereas here in Sweden, they have traditionally been regarded as undergraduate studies.

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Patrik Sörqvist, head of the Department of Business and Economics studies, University of Gävle
Phone: 073-658 72 03
Email: Patrik.Sorqvist@hig.se

Olivia Kang, programme director, master’s programme in business administration, University of Gävle
Phone: 026-64 50 17
Email: Olivia.Kang@hig.se

Mohammad Mashukul Islam, student, master's programme in business administrationPhone: 072-040 28 99
Email: ullashmgt4th@gmail.com

Kenneth Santos, student, master's programme in business administration
Phone: 072-914 95 37
Email: kenneth.g.santos@gmail.com

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