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Researcher Nataliia fled war torn Ukraine


The war in Ukraine forced university teacher and researcher Nataliia Melnyk to leave her home country. Now she's working at the University of Gävle.

Nataliia Melnyk framför Högskolan.

Nataliia Melnyk. Photo: Anna Sällberg

When Nataliia Melnyk woke up one day in February, she felt that something was not right. She heard explosions in the distance.

– The first few days we couldn't leave the house. There was a traffic jam. In the beginning, the only thing you think about is your children, they are the only thing that matters, says Nataliia Melnyk, noticeably touched by the memories.

After a while, the family felt that Nataliia and her son should find a safer place. Her husband had to stay since no men between the ages of 18 and 60 were allowed to leave Ukraine. She sent applications and ideas for research projects to universities in several different countries.

"I’m living one month at a time"

She got in contact with the University of Gävle and last autumn she started working here, through the University's membership in the international organization Scholars at Risk, which protects academic freedom around the world. She does research and teaches in educational science.

Nataliia Melnyk.

Foto: Anna Sällberg

– Now I focus on my new research project here. Otherwise, it feels very difficult to plan things. I’m living one month at a time. But I want to believe that I can come back to my job in Ukraine one day.

Text: Anna Sällberg

Published by: Anna Sällberg Page responsible: Anders Munck Updated: 2023-01-30
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