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The European Day was celebrated with music, singing and pomp


With Jazz-influenced live music in the background, the celebration at the University began last Tuesday morning. Students, staff, and members of the public had gathered in Valhall to learn more about the University’s involvement in the European University alliance EU GREEN and opportunities for exchanges with other partner universities.

Malin Hillman, internationell koordinator, och Tommy Löfgren, kommunikationschef, ledde deltagarna genom firandet av Europadagen på Högskolan. Foto: Anna Sällberg

Photo: Anna Sällberg

The European Day always falls on May 9th, as the Schuman Declaration was signed on this day in 1950. The declaration was a comprehensive plan for long-term peace in Europe after World War II and prepared Europe for today’s EU. The University also celebrates the day because we recently joined the new EU GREEN European University Alliance, which involves nine universities in Europe.

Sustainability is the common thread, and we chose to join this alliance to improve and promote sustainability and to solve societal challenges. The driving force behind the alliance is to build a more just world, a balanced economy, and a more viable environment, says Malin Hillman, vice director for the project at University of Gävle.

Will increase the mobility

The project also involves students in various ways.

Our hope is that this collaboration within EU GREEN will increase the mobility of our students so that their opportunities for exchanges become even greater. There is a vast potential for development in this area, says Vice-Chancellor Ylva Fältholm.

Within EU GREEN, there are currently nine working packages with different focus areas.

"Exchange agreements have been signed with all universities, so there are great opportunities, and the doors are open. Much is in its infancy, so keep your eyes peeled because there is much more to come," says Annika Strömberg, director of EU GREEN at University of Gävle.

A choir sang

In the middle of the programme in Valhall, new visitors suddenly entered and made their way up to the front. Led by University Chaplain Leif Nahnfeldt, they sang ”Sköna maj” (Beautiful May). The song was met with applause, and Leif Nahnfeldt informed participants that it was the University choir joined by a few others who sang to celebrate spring and the European Day. After the celebration in Valhall, all participants were invited to a European buffet in the University’s restaurant Markan.

Text: Anna Sällberg

Kören under ledning av högskolepräst Leif Nahnfeldt när de sjunger "Sköna maj". Foto: Anna Sällberg

Photo: Anna Sällberg


The European Commission is funding the establishment of EU GREEN. with nearly 152 million SEK over four years. University of Gävle and the University of Skövde were the first universities in Sweden to join the European University Initiative, but within different alliances. The purpose of the European University Initiative is to promote common European values and strengthen the quality of higher education. Today, there are 44 European Universities within the EU, comprising a total of 340 institutions, of which 13 are Swedish.


Would you like to get involved? Contact malin.hillman@hig.se or annika.stromberg@hig.se

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