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Conference on AI hosted by the University


In December, the University will host an international conference on AI in education in collaboration with representatives from Mid Sweden University, Normandie Business School in Oxford, and Academic Conferences International.

The conference is being held the 5th of december. PHOTO: TT

You can now register as an attendee or as a participant with your own abstract for discussion.

The conference, titled “Symposium on AI Opportunities and Challenges," is a virtual event scheduled for 5 December and will feature prominent international researchers as keynote speakers. The motivation behind the conference stems from the recent rapid developments in AI technology, such as ChatGPT, and how it affects higher education.

Discuss with experts

“There are many questions we need to address, including whether we can, in good conscience, continue to use homework assignments. ChatGPT can generate a one-page document on almost any topic in seconds, which can then be used in assignments, and it keeps improving all the time,” says Niklas Humble, a senior lecturer in computer science and one of the conference organisers.

According to Niklas Humble, anyone involved in higher education must grapple with ChatGPT.

“The conference is an opportunity to both listen to and engage in discussions with experts. ChatGPT has both positive and negative consequences, and we want to highlight both sides,” he says.

Two deadlines

You can register as a participant now, but if you wish to contribute with your own experiences or research ideas, the following deadlines apply: 30 September for regular abstract submissions and 15 September for abstracts submitted for "the Application of AI Excellence Awards."

Conference participants who submit abstracts may be offered the chance to expand their abstract into a journal article in the Electronic Journal of e-Learning, which will have a special issue on "Artificial Intelligence and Education."

More information about the conference and registration:


Keynote speakers at the conference

Mutlu Cukurova, University College London, UK.
Presentation: “Navigating the Role of AI in Shaping Future Educational Practices”

Sanna Järvelä, University of Oulu, Finland
Presentation: “Adaptive learners in the age of AI: Leveraging SRL Theory with AI Capabilities to Support Future Learners”

Virginie Hachard, EM Normandie, Caen, France
Presentation: “Enhancing integration of Artificial Intelligence into education through pedagogical innovation: new issues for educational institutions”

Peter Mozelius, docent in computer and systems science at Mid Sweden University and visiting researcher at University of Gävle

Niklas Humble, senior lecturer in computer science and programme director for DTML at University of Gävle

Jimmy Jaldemark, head of subject of education at i pedagogik Mid Sweden University

Paul Griffiths, professor of Finance at Normandie Business School in Oxford

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