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Do you know what trees we have on campus?


The University of Gävle have now had its first official EU GREEN event at the University. The Event ''Tree Bioblitz'' is about mapping trees on campuses. In all Eu Green Universities this week, school pupils will be involved in this activity. Here, at the University of Gävle, class 9 C from Stora Sätraskolan in Gävle assisted in the mapping.

The trees were photographed.

The trees were photographed and registered in the Inaturalist app.

Portrait of a girl

Ilhan Hassan Mahmoud.

“At least we were lucky with the weather”, all participants in the event last Monday agreed; it was a crisp and sunny autumn day. Class 9 C from Stora Sätraskolan was divided into small groups and then spent two hours identifying trees in Regementsparken at the University. The trees were photographed and registered in an app and that data will later be part of a common tree mapping involving all EU Green Universities.

“I liked the fact that were divided into small groups today so that everyone could ask questions. I have learnt many new tree species,” says Ilhan Hassan Mahmoud, a 14-year-old pupil at Stora Sätraskolan.

Angelo Fonseca Holm.

Angelo Fonseca Holm.

Identified 15-16 different trees

One of the groups was led by Lars Hillström, a biologist at University of Gävle. He was pleased with the afternoon activity and said that they identified around 15-16 different trees.

“We had a good day. The pupils were interested and attentive,” Lars Hillström says.

Have you learnt something new today?

“Absolutely, I have learnt more about trees. I also thought it was interesting to listen to Lars talking about Swedish forestry,” says Angelo Fonseca Holm, a 15-year-old pupil at Stora Sätraskolan.

Everyone who participated in the Tree Bioblitz event.

Everyone who participated in the Tree Bioblitz event.

Tree Bioblitz is an event arranged within work package number 5, WP 5 Engagement for sustainable societies and economies. Within EU GREEN, work is divided into nine sub-projects, so-called work packages. The University is active in all work packages, but we have a specific responsibility for and lead work package 8, which focuses on sustainable campuses.

I would like to learn more about EU Green work packages.

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