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Amir Rostami appointed Security Ambassador of the Year


Since 2011, the think tank Säkerhet för Näringsliv och Samhälle has appointed a Security Ambassador of the Year, and for 2023, Amir Rostami, a professor of criminology at University of Gävle, was appointed. Among the previous awardees are some of Sweden’s most prominent figures in the field.

Amir Rostami, Photo: Institute for Future Studies

Amir Rostami, Photo: Institute for Future Studies

Amir Rostami receives this award for his substantial work in his role as the government’s investigator regarding welfare crimes.

Government appoints Amir Rostami to lead the fight against welfare crime

A truly worthy recipient

“The criminologist, sociologist, and researcher Amir Rostami has had an impressive career that began in the police force in 2004. His career has included fieldwork and development of law enforcement and demonstrates significant intellectual and academic growth. His efforts have resulted in a professorship at University of Gävle, as well as numerous international appointments.

Amir's research and accomplishments alone are deserving of recognition, but it is specifically his substantial work as the government-appointed investigator regarding welfare fraud and his contributions to the investigation of subsidy fraud that distinguish him, making him a truly worthy recipient of the award Security Ambassador of the Year for 2023.”

“This is so important, because every krona that we can prevent from being incorrectly dispersed can be invested in welfare instead. I am honored, but also concerned about the grim outlook in this area,” Amir Rostami says.

Impressive list of previous awardees

The Security Ambassador of the Year award was established in 2011 by the think tank Säkerhet för Näringsliv och Samhälle and the publication “SecurityUser.com.” The award is given to reward individuals who raise security concerns in society or contribute to more effective crime prevention with concrete measures, thus promoting a safer society.

Previous awardees include notable figures such as Leif GW Persson, Johan Pehrson, Björn Eriksson, Magnus Ranstorp, Hanna Kjöller, Morgan Johansson, Anne-Marie Eklund Lövinder, and Jale Poljarevius.

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Text: Douglas Öhrbom


Amir Rostami, Professor of Criminology at University of Gävle
Phone: 08-402 12 00
Email: Amir.Rostami@hig.se
Research presentation Amir Rostami.

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