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Larisa's heart beats for dancing


Waltz music ignites Larisa Nilsson's spark and she enjoys the joy that every dance step gives her. She works as a lecturer in business administration at the University of Gävle and in her spare time she enjoys the artistic ballroom dance form, where she has won several world championship gold medals.

Larisa Nilsson.

Larisa Nilsson. Foto: Anna Sällberg

Dance has always been a big part of Larisa Nilsson's life. She has tried different dance styles over the years, and she spends many hours at Acke's dance school in Gävle.

– Waltz music evokes emotions and reaches your heart. At the same time Latin American dances energizes and "wakes up" your body. Dance goes hand in hand with the music experience, says Larisa Nilsson.

Larisa Nilsson.

Larisa Nilsson.

She occasionally competes in dance and last spring she won four world championship gold medals in artistic ballroom in Warsaw, Poland. But it’s not the competition that drives her.

– I dance for pleasure. Dancing is a good cardio exercise, and it’s a very beautiful sport. I have tried to go to the gym a couple of times, but I don't get the same joy of exercise there. The greatest joy comes from dancing to beautiful music.

Text: Anna Sällberg

Larisa Nilsson.

Larisa Nilsson.


Name: Larisa Nilsson

Age: 39 years old

Lives: In Gävle

Interests: Dance, music and travel

What music do you listen to? Classical music, jazz and pop.

Which books interest you? Books about personal development.

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