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More sustainable development in the university's programmes and courses


New programmes and courses, changes in existing education and pedagogical development for teachers in sustainability issues. The work package with a focus on education (WP2) within EU GREEN has developed an education strategy and now more employees are needed to get involved in four new themes going forward.

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The work of EU GREEN has deepened in 2023 and several work packages have now completed some of their tasks.

– The first year was good and we delivered everything the Commission asked of us. At University of Gävle we have seen a great deal of interest in being involved and contributing. About 90 employees actively participated in the work last year, says Magnus Isaksson, vice-rector of the European University Initiative (EUI).

Increased focus on sustainable development

WP2, focusing on education and sustainability, has developed an education strategy within EU GREEN.

– We have defined and tried to clarify what competences students need in order to take on the challenges in society based on the global goals for sustainable development. One of the challenges that EU GREEN now faces is to translate this into our activities by creating educational programmes aimed at sustainability and sustainable development, while also updating existing programmes, says Fredrik Hellström, WP coordinator at University of Gävle.

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Fredrik Hellström. Photo: Anna Sällberg

The work package also includes democracy issues and how we can have a common understanding between higher education institutions in Europe. At the same time, we need to understand how different cultural issues can have an impact.

– We need to work with sustainability and sustainable development all over Europe and one of the keys within EU GREEN is to understand how society works in our different regions and utilize the strengths that exist, says Fredrik Hellström.

New programme for pedagogical development

As part of the education strategy, those working with WP2 have also developed a structure for a pedagogical and professional development programme for both teaching and administrative staff.

– For students to be able to learn different key competencies around sustainability and sustainable development, we need to be able to teach it, and this is a programme where teachers receive pedagogical development in how we can teach sustainability and sustainable development. We also want to create a pedagogical development environment where teachers can meet, both online and in person, to exchange experiences and discuss various issues, says Fredrik Hellström.

Four new teams

In WP2, four new teams with different specializations are now being created in a first phase:

  1. How do we create new educational programmes with a focus on sustainability and sustainable development, and how do we adapt existing programmes?
  2. How can we develop and implement joint short stand-alone courses focusing on sustainability and sustainable development?
  3. How can we develop content and learning activities in existing courses and modules to better meet the global goals?
  4. How do we design and implement pedagogical and professional development programmes?

For these themes, the package is looking for people who want to get involved.

– Being able to work internationally in this exciting work gives a lot back in the form of exciting experiences! Of course, we would like to see even more people get involved and take further steps in the development of EU GREEN this year. It is all open to employees from both core and support activities to register their interest, says Magnus Isaksson.

Text: Anna Sällberg



Fredrik Hellström, WP coordinator for WP2 at the University of Gävle.

E-mail: fredrik.hellstrom@hig.se

Phone: 070-532 40 83

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