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AI Conference – Register Yourself and Your Contribution


Following the success of last year's AI symposium, a new conference is scheduled for June. In just over a month, the deadline to register as a participant with your own abstract is approaching.

Online symposium on AI June 18th. PHOTO: TT Bild.

On June 18, the University of Gävle will once again host a virtual symposium on AI. Co-organizers include Uppsala University, Mid Sweden University, Normandie Business School in Oxford, and Academic Conferences International.

The event's theme is "An avalanche of AI to radically change Society," primarily targeting researchers and educators at institutions nationally and internationally.

Broader Theme

"Unlike the previous symposium in December, which focused on AI and higher education, this time the theme is broader and revolves around the societal challenges and changes AI will bring. Topics include how AI can be used to understand environmental and climate challenges, IT security, AI in defense, and how the technology affects research and its utilization by researchers", says Niklas Humble, one of the organizers.

In addition to the opportunity to learn more about AI, the conference provides a chance to network and foster new collaborations in research and education.

Abstract Deadline May 1st

"Several conference contributions last time resulted in collaborations and larger studies. We hope for many interesting contributions this time as well, and we have already been contacted by several interested parties," says Niklas Humble.

If you wish to participate with your own experiences or research proposals, the deadline for abstracts is May 1st. For attendees, the last day for registration is June 1st.

More Information About the Conference


Registration and Inquiries

For registration and inquiries, contact:
info@academic-conferences.org (Language for registration is English)

For questions, contact:
Niklas Humble
Email: niklas.humble@hig.se

Peter Mozelius
Email: peter.mozelius@miun.se

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Dr. Dagmar Monett Díaz, Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR Berlin), Germany: Presentation: The allure and dangers of the Silicolonization of our lives

Dr. Paul Griffiths, EM-Normandie Business School, Métis Lab, Oxford Campus Dr. Dan Remenyi, ACIL, Reading, United Kingdom Presentation: GenAI will close the gap between the rich and the poor – A debate

Professor, Dr. Arnold Pears, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden Presentation: Educating the AI professional: The Role of the Tertiary Sector

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