Continuing Professional Development and Contract Education

The University of Gävle offers contract education and continuing professional development for employees in both the private and the public sector. We also offer single lectures, as well as short and longer courses.

The University of Gävle strives to actively participate in the development of the regional companies and organisations by offering tailored courses according to their needs and wishes. Courses will improve and develop the staff skills. All courses are at an academic level and are research-led in nature.

What sort of education do you need?

We can tailor and adapt the courses according to the employer's wishes regarding contents, start and end dates, extent, rate of study, location, examination, credits and more. There are also complete commissioned courses offered to companies and organisations where participants from several activities participate at the same time.

Courses within the regular range of courses offered

You may also choose to take courses within the regular range of courses offered. There are courses within several different fields of study suitable for professionals. Please apply via


Additional training for nurses with degrees from countries outside EU/ESS/Switzerland.

In the spring of 2018, the University of Gävle will offer additional training for nurses with degrees from countries outside EU/ESS/Switzerland. The supplementary programme comprises one year of fulltime studies (60 credits) and contains both theory and clinical training.


You apply to the programme no later than 16 October at

Read more about the programme and its entry requirements

Contract education

Lecture series in psychotherapy and on working with children and adults

In 2017 and 2018, the University of Gävle will offer an exclusive lecture series with prominent lecturers on human encounters, treatment and psychotherapy from a systemic perspective. Jaakko Seikulla, Anders Broberg, Jum Wilson, Justine van Lawick, Fredrik Svenaeus och Sören Hertz are all lecturers you will have the opportunity to meet and listen to at the University of Gävle.


On 12 October, Anders Broberg, professor emeritus, will lecture. Anders Broberg is one of Sweden's foremost expert on attachment.

Read more about the lectures here


Contract education

Coaching in leadership

This course addresses managers, team and project leaders or anyone who needs to be able to communicate clearly. In this course, you will be given the opportunities to develop and challenge your leadership skills and become clearer in your leadership. The course will be offered during the spring of 2018. Course dates are as yet unspecified. The application will open sometime in early autumn.

Read more about the course here

In-service teacher training

Courses within "Lärarlyftet"

The University of Gävle has a long experience in training teachers and offers further training for you as a teacher in the field.

Read more about "Lärarlyftet"(further education financed by the Swedish National Agency for Education ) here:


Lean Production: an 18-month-long transformational joyrney

"Produktionslyftet" offers businesses a developmental programme of 18 months, a programme that develops the inner ability of the businesses to improve their competitiveness. We apply principles that build on Lean, but the starting point is always the strengths and values of the buisnesses themselves.

Contact and more information about "Produktionslyftet."

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