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The University of Gävle is open for companies, public authorities and organisations. Here you can meet students and future associates who are well prepared for future professional life.

Our work concentrates on placing the human being first and achieving a sustainable life environment. When we offer courses that are adapted to meet the demands of the labour market, our actions are guided by this view. In cooperation with you, we also gain valuable knowledge from your perspective.

At the University of Gävle you will find courses and research within a lot of different fields:




       Health and professional life

       Care and social work

       Humanities and social studies

       Teacher education


Cooperate with a student

At the University of Gävle, you may cooperate with students during their education, for example by letting them carry out projects and degree projects within your organisation.
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Are you in need of continuing professional development?

We offer contract education and continuing professional development for those already in the professional life, since a large part of our courses are flexible and can be taken on half or part-time. If you have other wishes or needs, we gladly tailor educational initiatives.
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Ask us at Kontakttorget (The Contact Market Place)

Kontakttorget functions as a way in for companies, organisations and public authorities wanting to contact and cooperate with the University of Gävle. We will answer your questions and gladly accept ideas for cooperation. You can reach us via the telephone switch, or directly by telephone or e-mail. Contact details can be found in the contact box.

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