Activities for New Students

There are a range of activities happening during the semester. Get to know the University, the city of Gävle and your new university friends by taking part in the activities listed below!  

19th of August - Kick-off

Kick-off (Inspark)

Kick-off (in Swedish: inspark) is the student union's and the student organisation's introduction week. Its a week full of fun and crazy adventures where you get the chance to get to know other students and the city of Gävle.

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, it's not sure that the kick-off can be carried out. Contact the Student Union for more information. Email:

Time and place: Start 19th of August

28th of August - Introduction Day

Introduction for international students

The University of Gävle has decided that programmes offered primarily to international students will be taught remotely the first semester. So the introduction this autumn semester will mainly consist of information films available online from Friday the 28th of August.

31st of August - Start of the Semester

Start of the Semester

This week the semester starts, with lectures, seminars, exams and everything else that forms part of university life.

Time and place: 31st of August, at the University of Gävle

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