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2. Register in Ladok

Ladok is your introduction to several web services. You can check your study results, register for courses, get transcripts of your records and notify us of a temporary address change.

Important to register on your course

Each semester you need to register for the courses you are taking. Without a course registration you are not considered an active student. You can register for your course through Ladok one week prior to course start.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "Select higher education to login"
  3. Seach for Gävle och choose "University of Gävle"
  4. Click "Proceed to Login"
  5. Login with your user account
  6. Sign on (register) the courses you are taking

If you have problems registering, please contact your faculty for help.

Contact information to your faculty

Faculty of Engineering and Sustainable Development

Faculty of Education and Business Studies

Faculty of Health and Occupational Studies

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