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3. Log in to Blackboard

The Blackboard platform is a web based learning management system where you can find course material. You can, for example, use Blackboard to submit assignments, take digital examinations and communicate through discussion boards and chats.

Automatic enrolment in Blackboard

You will be automatically enrolled on the course in Blackboard after you have registered for your course via Ladok. Please note that it can take up to 30 minutes for the systems to synchronise and you are able to see your course in Blackboard.

You can only see your course in Blackboard if your teacher has made the course available there. This normally happens around the course start date.

If your course is not visible in Blackboard in time for the course start date

  1. Check your email to see if you have received further instructions.
  2. Try to enroll manually on your course in Blackboard: Log in to Blackboard and find your course by searching for part of the course name in the search field. When you have found the right course, click on the round button with a white arrow that appears next to the course ID when you hover over it. Click "enrol".
  3. If an access code is required, please contact the course and programme administration at e-mail
Ikon för Blackboard app

Blackboard is available for your smartphone

Download the app Blackboard and you can reach your entire course and communicate with teachers and other students via your phone or tablet.


Problems with Blackboard?

Please contact Learning Center on phone number 026-64 87 00 or write to

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