Introduction Day for International Students

At the 16th of January we roll out the red carpet and welcome you to an introduction day at the University of Gävle. During the introduction day, you will get a lot of useful information from the university staff about your upcoming studies. We look very much forward to welcoming you!


Main events


Campus Tour


Hello New Student!


Programme Introduction for MBA

Other activities


The Student Centre


Library Tour


Welcome Fair

12.15–12.35Library Tour

Download the programme for the introduction day as a PDF Pdf, 270 kB.

Hello New Student!

Welcome to an introduction session for new international students in the University's auditorium Valhall at 11.15-12.00. We will guide you through an introduction session filled with useful information and general tips and you will be welcomed to the University of Gävle by the International Office, the Student Union and our Pro-Vice-Chancellor, among others. You will have the chance to get to know the university and our beautiful campus. We offer Swedish fika to all new students from 11.00.

Additional information about your studies will be provided by your teachers when your courses begins. We encourage all international students to participate this day.

If you are not able to attend on campus, you can also follow "Hello new student!" live on Facebook. You don't need to have a Facebook account to follow the broadcast.

Follow "Hello New Student!" here

Campus Tour

Get to know campus through the eyes of a current student with our campus tours! The tour start at 10.30 outside building 41.

The Student Centre

The Student Centre is the natural meeting place at our campus. Here you will meet staff from the most commonly used support services. At the introduction day we offer extra support with registration, user account and Canvas. You can also collect your HiG card and parking permit at the Student Centre. Open 09.00 to 14.00.

Get to know the Library

Get to know the library through a short tour. The tours start at the library entrance at 09.15 and 12.15. The tour takes approximately 20 minutes.

Welcome Fair

Meet lots of local companies and organizations such as gyms, cultural and music organizers etc. Why not compete and win prizes in different fun contests. The fair is open 09.45 to 12.30.

  • Study Counselling and Guidance
    Get information about what sort of support is available for you as a student. At the fair you can meet our International Office, Student Health Service, Coordinator for Study Support, Student Ombudsman, Equality, diversity and inclusion coordinator and Study Counsellors.
  • Gefle Student Union and Student Associations
    Meet with Gefle Student Union and all our student associations and find out more about student life in Gävle.
List of exhibitors
  • Actic (gym)
  • Akademikerförbundet (trade union)
  • Fastighetsbolaget Balder (housing company)
  • First Class Gym (gym)
  • Fjärran höjderbadet (gym, swimming and adventure pools)
  • Friskis & Svettis (gym)
  • Gavlecon (student association)
  • Gefle Student Union
  • Gefleteknologerna (student association)
  • Gävle municipality
  • IntU Gefle (student association)
  • Klubbmästeriet (part of the student union)
  • Länsmuseet Gävleborg (museum)
  • Pedagogerna i Gävle (student association)
  • Targeted study support
  • Region Gävleborg (health care)
  • Samordnare för lika villkor
  • Sportoteket (Gävle municipality)
  • Student Health Service
  • The students’ and doctoral students’ ombudsman
  • Study Help
  • Study counsellors
  • Sveriges Lärarstudenter (student association)
  • Vision (trade union)
  • VOX (student association)
  • Vy tåg (train and bus company)
  • Vårdförbundet (trade union)
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