Kick-off (inspark)

When you arrive as a new student at the University of Gävle there are many things that are new and exciting. The city, the people, the University and all that comes with it. In order to give you the best introduction to student life, the student organisations and Gefle student union arrange a kick-off (inspark) for you and your fellow students.

The kick-off starts 17 August. It is a week full of fun and games. You will get to know your fellow students, the city of Gävle and meet new people.

It is voluntary to take part in the kick-off but it does give you a great opportunity to take part in student life and create fun and lasting memories of your time here at the University of Gävle.

All the information about the Kick-off

Student Associations at the University of Gävle

Cult & Co

Cult & Co is a student organisation for students on programmes or courses within the humanities or social science, for example the study programme in Media and Communication.


Gavlecon is a student organisation for students on study programmes in Business Administration and Real Estate Brokering.

Gefleteknologerna (G-tech)

Gefleteknologerna (G-tech) is a student organisation for all students in the Faculty of Engineering and Sustainable Development.

Hälso- och idrottsprofilen (HiP)

Hälso- och idrottsprofilen (HiP) is a student organisation for students on the study programmes Sport Science and Health Promotion.

PA Gefle

A student organisation for students on the study programme Human Resources and Labour Relations.

Pedagogerna i Gävle (PiG)

Pedagogerna i Gävle (PiG) is a student organisation for people studying on any of the Teaching Education study programmes.


VOX is a student organisation for students on study programmes in Nursing, Specialist Nursing, Social Work and Applied Criminology.

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