The Student Union

If you are a new student who has just arrived to Gävle, you are not alone. Finding meeting places and new friends is often where the fun begins.

Gefle Student Union's main focus is to perform quality control of education, improve courses, the student social and working environment and that the student perspective permeates all the university's activities. This work is mostly led by the unions president and vice president.

At the union there is a Studentombud whose duties is to help students with their rights and obligations. It can be, for example, to follow a student to a meeting and function as a support, help students find the right person to contact in order to forward their opinions concerning the education or make sure that the student perspective is taken into account. The Studentombud cannot appeal a decision taken by the university or be partial in a case.

The student union can help students if they have questions concerning their time at the university or their studies but cannot help students with housing or jobs. The union arrange many different kinds of events where students can meet and socialize. To become involved in the Gefle Student Union is therefore a great opportunity to take part in and be able to influence student life and at the same tie get to know students studying other subjects.

Gefle Student Union

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