Find Your Welcome Letter Online

In your welcome letter you find information about the programme or course you are admitted to. The course schedules and syllabus also contain valuable information about your course.

Welcome Letters and Syllabuses

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  3. Syllabuses

Reply to Your Notification of Selection Results

Reply to your Notification of Selection Results before the deadline in order to keep your place. If you have been admitted or given a place on the waiting list in the first round of selection, you have to reply to your offer at in order to keep your place. If you have been admitted in the second round of selection, alternatively been admitted late, you do not have to reply to your offer.

Decline Your Offer

If you have been admitted or placed on a waiting list for a programme or a course but are no longer planning to attend, it is important that you decline your offer. Doing so will allow your place to be offered to someone else. You decline your offer through ”My pages” on

When you decline your offer you will be withdrawn from the programme or course. If you regret your decision, you have to make a late application, providing it is still possible to apply to the programme. Your chances to get readmitted are small if you have chosen to decline your offer. It is therefore important to be sure about the decision you make.


Waiting List

It is possible to get admitted from a waiting list when somebody who has been admitted decline their offer. University of Gävle admits students from the waiting lists to programmes and courses in strict order according to selection results.

If you are eligible but has not been admitted it is stated on your Notification of Selection Results where you are placed on the waiting list. We notify students if the have been admitted from the waiting list by e-mail or phone. Therefore, make sure that you have stated the correct contact information under ”My account” at

Only those who are admitted can come to the roll call/programme registration. If you are on the waiting list, you should instead be available by e-mail or phone in connection with the start of the programme or course.