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Period for course registration in Ladok: 3 january - 16 january

If you do not register on time, you will lose your place on the course.

Course information

This course is a half-time course given between weeks 3-12.

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21107 and 21172


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Course co-ordinator

Name: Ehsanul Huda Chowdhury

E-mail: Ehsanul.Chowdhury@hig.se

Telephone: 0706060876

Questions about registration and admission

E-mail: studentsupport@hig.se

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If you do not register on time, you will lose your place on the course. Please contact your course administrator before the end of the registration period if you are experiencing problems with course registration.

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Course organisation and communication

The course Strategic Marketing C 7.5 hp for campus students will be organized through CANVAS. Students will automatically be enrolled on the course in Canvas once they have registered for their course in Ladok. All information regarding the course will be available in CANVAS.

The course will be conducted in a hybrid mode. Students are requested to go through the power point slides of the topics of Strategic Marketing that will be uploaded in CANVAS. 4 recorded lectures on the topics of Strategic Marketing will also be uploaded on Canvas. The students are welcome to participate in the introduction meeting to be held physically. Zoom Discussion meeting is planned to be held on week 5 and Physical Discussion meeting is planned to be held on week 6 to discuss the issues focused on the four recorded lectures. Moreover, students need to submit the individual home exams and group assignments on case studies and literature review on strategic marketing topics as exams for this course. It is compulsory for the students to participate on the group case study seminar which is planned to be held via zoom. The students need to submit their individual home exam as well as group assignments on Canvas on time as per course timetable to receive grades. The medium of instruction for this course is English.

Course literature:
Roger A. Kerin and Robert A. Paterson; Strategic Marketing Problems – Cases and Comments, Thirteenth Edition, Pearson, 2013, ISBN-13: 978-0-273-76894-4, ISBN-10: 0-273-76894-8.

The communication between students and teacher will be held physically or via zoom during introduction meeting and discussion meetings. Seminar will be held via zoom . Students will be also communicated through pre-scheduled zoom meetings as well as though e-mails and discussion threads on Canvas. The course contents, timetables, and information will be uploaded on Canvas for the course and all important announcements related to the course will be also on Canvas. Moreover, individual or group emails will be sent to the students’ email accounts regarding important matters related to course. The Introduction meeting is planned to be held physically on January 18, 2021 between 10-12.


The course is given by the Faculty of Education and Business.

Written exams

Registration for exams, including re-takes, is mandatory. You can register for exams via Ladok. You need to register at least ten days before the exam date. If you didn't register in time, you can not take your exam. No exceptions are made from this rule, we do not accept registrations when the deadline is passed.

If you are a distance study student and want to take your exam off-campus, you need to apply to do so at least three weeks prior to the exam date.

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