Welcome to the course Contemporary religious studies 7.5 cr. (distance) / Religionsvetenskap idag

Period for course registration in Ladok: 15 August – 28 August.

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Course information
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RVA000 13217 Master 13201 Freestanding course

Study period and paceThis course is a full-time course given between weeks 35-39

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Jari Ristiniemi
026-64 89 86

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The course addresses the role of religion and the human situation in the late modern society in the local/global community. An interactional perspective on individual, society, culture, religion and environment is discussed. The course discusses how methods and theories in Religious Studies can be used as tools for understanding contemporary society, human predicament and as means of developing a sustainable society. There are non-mandatory seminaries that are played in and you are able to see them on the learning platform Canvas. For exams you write a memo. The seminaries are given during the following days 10.15-12AM 30/8, 13/9 and 27/9.

Teaching is offered on the web through Zoom. You are able to follow from your own computer or you can attend the video conference when it takes place or see it as a video afterwards.

The web-based course tool used is Canvas. The course code is given in the welcome letter. Normally, the course is not posted on Canvas until one or a few weeks before the start of the course.

Communication happens both through Canvas and through email contact with the course responsible.

The course and the master programme starts 30 August, you should confirm your attendance latest that date otherwise you will loose your Place in the programme, applies only to programme students!

The course is given by the Faculty of Education and Business.

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