Welcome to the course Religion and folk beliefs in African and European traditions 15cr (distance) /Religion och folklig tro i afrikanska och europeiska traditioner.

Period for course registration in Ladok: 15 August – 28 August.

Course information

Course information
Course and application code

RVA015 13215

Study period and pace

This course is given at a full-time pace between weeks 35-44.


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Course co-ordinator

Sara Duppils


Telephone: 0046 26-648571

Questions about registration and admission

Denna kurs kommer att vara en läskurs. Det betyder att ni inte kommer att ha några lektioner. Examination och kommunikation kommer istället att ske på Canvas.

All kommunikation sker via Canvas.

This course will be a reading course. This means that you will not have any lessons. Examination and communication will instead take place on Canvas.

All communication takes place via Canvas.

The course is given by the Faculty of Education and Business Studies

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