Welcome to the course Didactical perspectives on religion and culture, 15 credits! / Didaktiska perspektiv på religion och kultur 15 hp.

Period for course registration in Ladok: 24 October - 6 November.

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Course information
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RVA016 13216

Study period and pace

This course is a full-time course given between weeks 45-02


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Course co-ordinator

Peder Thalén



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There will be three non-obligatory lectures on module 0010, starting Thursday 10/11 15.15-17.00. There will also be one obligatory seminar on module 0010 (presentation of individual task) Thursday 12/1 15.15-17.00. There will be no seminars or lectures on module 0020.

All communication is through canvas, zoom and e-mail.

The course is given by the Faculty of Education and Business Studies.

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