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This course is a half-time distans course given between weeks 45-02
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Social Work and Sustainable Development

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Faculty of health and occupational studies

Course co-ordinator

Name: Komal Singh Rambaree

E-mail: komal.singh.rambaree@hig.se

Telephone: 026-648266

Course administration

Namn: Lena Hjelm

E-mail: studentsupport@hig.se

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About the course

Course syllabus, reading list and timetable

Course syllabus, reading list and timetable

Course organisation and communication

Course organisation

Welcome to the course Social Work & Sustainable Development (Fully Online Course in English & Swedish). Upon successful completion of this course, you will be awarded 7.5 Higher Education Credits (HECs).

This is an advanced-level (master level) course. To participate in the course, you shall have completed 180 HECs or equivalent. If you do not have the required number of credits (i.e. 180), then you should immediately inform the course coordinator (kolsie@hig.se ).

This part-time course; that is of 7.5 HECs is delivered over 10 weeks (Week 45-02) on an online teaching and learning mode. Instead of seminars, learners will have to present Webinars through Zoom.

During this first (live) online meeting via zoom link https://hig-se.zoom.us/j/6935548407- , on Wednesday 10th of November, 2021 from 13:00 to 16:00 - the study guide will be discussed, the course outline will be presented and the procedures as well as the arrangements for the delivery of the course will be explained to you. Leaners will have the possibilities to ask questions and clarifications, as well as make some acceptable suggestions.


The pedagogical methods used in this particular course will vary and includes: group work (via skype & zoom), lectures (pre-recorded on zoom will be in English), documentary films, debates and discussions, self-arranged field visit/s, researching techniques, brainstorming, articles’ review etc. Students can choose to complete their written tasks (including examinations) either in English or Swedish language. Webinars can be orally presented in English or Swedish language.

The learning platform will be Canvas where handouts, discussion tasks, assignments, examinations and other course materials will be uploaded (in English language).

You will have contacts with the course coordinator Komalsingh (Ajit) Rambaree via email (kolsie@hig.se), Telephone: 026- 648266, Mobil Phone: + 46 (0) 702226517, Skype: Ajit Komalsingh Rambaree.


Written exams

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If you are a distance study student and want to take your exam off-campus, you need to apply to do so at least three weeks prior to the exam date.

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