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For you as a doctoral student

Education at the University of Gävle, as at other universities and colleges in Sweden, is regulated nationally by the Higher Education Act and the Higher Education Ordinance. There are also local rules that effect the relationship between you as a doctoral student and the University.

Laws, rules and regulations governing doctoral studies

The regulations on doctoral education are found in the Higher Education Act and the Higher Education Ordinance. It is up to each university to decide how to organize its education. The university has local regulations and procedures to ensure that education is conducted in a legally secure manner in accordance with current regulations. These procedures apply to those who study a doctoral program at the University of Gävle.

In these procedures, you as a doctoral student can read more about who is responsible for what regarding the different parts of the doctoral education and who to turn to in specific questions. The documents are in Swedish.

Study Counselling and Guidance for doctoral students

As a doctoral student at the University of Gävle, you are entitled to the same study support and guidance as a student. This gives you the right to, for example:

  • To apply for targeted educational support
  • To visit a student health services: the counsellors, student coach or health counsellor.
  • To get help from the university's study counsellor
  • To receive advice and guidance from the doctoral student ombudsman.

Depending on the type of doctoral student you are, you may be referred to other support functions for study support and guidance. On this website you can find the university's support services during your studies.

If you are not sure who to turn to, you can contact the doctoral student representative for information and guidance.

Work environment work at the University of Gävle

The University of Gävle strives to be an inclusive university where everyone should feel welcome and safe. Together with the Gefle Student Union, the University therefore works actively to create a safe and secure work environment and equal conditions for students, doctoral students and employees.

As part of the systematic work environment work, there is a work environment group for students to which you as a doctoral student can turn with questions or comments regarding your study environment at the University of Gävle.

Student influence for you as a doctoral student

A strong student influence is important to ensure the development and quality of education. Quality work is a joint responsibility of the universities' staff, doctoral students and students. Student influence is also important when it comes to questions about your work environment.

  • Always do the course evaluation after each completed course. This gives you the opportunity to say what was good and what could be better.
  • Become a student representative in one of the University's councils, committees and bodies - Being a student representative is a merit, provides experience and contributes to an extended network of contacts.
  • Become a member of Gefle Student Union and contribute with your membership to an active study monitoring, both in education, quality and study social issues.

FAQ on the rights and obligations of doctoral students

Change of supervisor

According to the Higher Education Ordinance (Chapter 6, Section 28), a doctoral student has the right to change supervisors during their studies. If problems arise with supervision, the doctoral student is recommended to first talk to their head of department and/or director of studies.

Extension of period of study and employment as a doctoral student

A doctoral student's total period of education (and period of employment for a doctoral student who is employed as a doctoral student) may be extended if there are certain reasons. Such reasons may be leave due to illness, leave for service in the armed forces or for positions of trust in unions and student organizations, or parental leave. This is stated in chapter 5. 7 § HF and 6 chap. 29 § HF.

I have questions about my doctoral studies, who can I contact?

In the first instance, you can contact your supervisor. But you can also contact the director of studies for doctoral education. The Director of Studies for doctoral studies' main task is to be a support function for doctoral education. In addition, the Director of Studies for doctoral studies' task includes:

  • participate in the quality development of doctoral education
  • coordinate and inform about the Academy's doctoral courses.
  • provide support to doctoral students and supervisors in matters relating to rules and procedures for doctoral education.
I am not satisfied with my doctoral education, what can I do to make a difference?

You can talk to your principal supervisor, but also to the Director of Graduate Studies. You can also get involved as a student representative.

I feel badly treated, who can I turn to?

The University of Gävle has zero tolerance for discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and victimization. If you are employed by the university can primarily turn to your head of department, who is responsible for your work environment.

You can also turn to the doctoral student representative or the student health counsellors for advice and support.

E-mail: doktorandombud@hig.se

E-mail: kurator@hig.se

Why is the individual study plan important?

An individual study plan (ISP) is drawn up for each doctoral student where the doctoral student's and the university's commitment is defined. The ISP serves as a tool for the education and should ensure that the education is conducted and followed up systematically.

An ISP clarifies the expectations of both the doctoral student and the supervisor and thus ensures that there are good conditions for good supervision. It also means that there are good conditions for keeping to the timetable and that any problems that may arise during the course of the studies that may affect the timetable or academic performance are identified at an early stage.


Do you have questions?

Liv Nilsson, Student Ombudsman
E-post: doktorandombud@hig.se

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