Approved leave from studies and non-completion of studies

Students have the possibility to apply for a study break for a specific period of time, called an approved leave from studies. Non-completion means that you terminate your studies without completing your courses/programme.

Approved leave from studies

You may apply for an approved leave from your studies, if you want to take a break from studying courses in your programme during a specific period of time, but intends to continue after your break.

  • An approved leave from studies must be applied for on a special application form.
  • An approved leave from studies can only be approved if you have studied for one semester.
  • An approved leave from studies can be approved for one or two semesters at a time.
  • Your application must be submitted no later than three weeks after the semester has started.
  • You keep your place on the programme during the approved leave.
  • You are not allowed to be registered on a course in your programmes during your leave. However, you are allowed to do re-sits on courses you have studied earlier.
  • You resume your studies by applying for the courses in your programme offered the semester when you wish to start again.


A notification of con-completion is a definite decision to terminate your studies for good. A non-completion means that your name is deleted from current lists of participants, mailing lists etcetera starting from the day you have notified us that you want to end your studies. Your non-completion is also registered in our student record system Ladok.

  • A non-completion must be notified to the University. Use the prescribed form.
  • After a non-completion, you are not allowed to apply for the programme course again at a later point in time. Instead, you can contact the faculty which is responsible for the programme to ask for permission to be re-registered.
  • On freestanding courses, you may register your non- completion yourself at, provided that you do so no later than three weeks from the course start (early non-completion). Now, you have the opportunity to apply for the freestanding course again at a later point in time.


Contact the study guidance counsellors for more information and application forms:

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