Approved leave from studies and non-completion of studies

An approved leave from studies is a break in your study programme, for a fixed period, granted by the university. You retain your place on the programme and have guaranteed admission the following semester, provided the University of Gävle still offers the courses in question. If you terminate your studies without notifying the university you are considered to have made a non-completion.

When can you apply for approved leave from studies?

Approved leave from studies can be granted:

  • once you have started on your study programme
  • if you are registered on the first courses your first semester
  • for a maximum of two semesters in a row
  • for a maximum of four semesters per study programme

It cannot be granted for freestanding courses

The rules and regulations surrounding approved leave from studies are revised at the moment so please contact if you have any questions regarding approved leave from studies.

Information, about approved leave from studies, from the Swedish Higher Education Authority can be found here.

Application for Approved Leave from Studies

You apply for approved leave from studies by completing the form “Application for approve leave from studies”. You can complete courses you have already started, within the programme, during your approved leave from studies. Contact your faculty if you want to do that. Please contact your faculty programme director if you need help with planning your studies within your programme.

Application form for approved leave from studies

Resuming Your Studies

It is solely your responsibility to apply, to the programme courses, for the semester you will resume your studies. If you do not apply in time you risk losing your study place. Application deadline is 15th April for the autumn semester and 15th October for the spring semester.

Information about applying for your programme courses can be found here.


You should complete the form “Application for non-completion” if you do not intend to resume your studies on your programme.

Read more about non-completion, and download the form, here.


Contact the study guidance counsellors for more information and application forms:

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