Complaints and comments

Who do I, as a student, turn to with my complaints and comments?

You turn to...

Your teacher

If you as a student have any concerns regarding something that is related to your studies, you should first turn to your teacher. Most problems can be solved directly with your teacher. Your teacher knows your situation regarding your studies in detail and is the one who knows how to solve it first-hand.

Your course coordinator

If you don’t want to or can’t turn to your teacher, speak to your course coordinator. Every course has a course coordinator who is responsible for the content of the course and its administration.

Your examiner for the course

Comments and complaints regarding examination and grading can be expressed directly to the examiner of the course.

Your programme director

Every study programme has a programme director whom you can turn to regarding comments and complaints that concern your programme as a whole. This person can also take your matter further, if it cannot be resolved by your teacher and course coordinator.

Questions and Answers

Question: What should I think about when I make my complaint?

Answer: A respectful approach. A professional, respectful approach means that you separate the problem from the person and that you are open for a dialogue. A student’s and a member of staff’s experience of an event may be different. For this reason, it is important to engage in a clear and open communication.

Question: I have already contacted the members of staff concerned, but no one seems to listen to me. What do I do now?

Answer: At the Student union, there is a studentombud you can contact, if you feel that no one listens to your expressed concerns, or if you for some reason do not want to get in contact with any of the members of the staff listed above, or if you have a really serious complaint.

The studentombud can also help you to take your matter further to the right instance. The Student Union is an independent organisation and is not connected to the University of Gävle. Email:

Question: Can I contact the Vice-Chancellor?

Answer: The Vice-Chancellor is the head of the agency and is not supposed to be the first instance to contact. Of course, you are free to contact the Vice-Chancellor, but your matter will then at first be referred to another administrator which means that the time it takes to handle your matter will be prolonged.

Question: I feel harassed, discriminated against or my sense of dignity is violated. What do I do?

By members of staff. Contact the head of your department who is responsible for the staff and is obliged to investigate matters when a member of staff harasses a student.

By another student. Contact the Coordinator for equal opportunities and/or the Student ombudsperson.

For complaints concerning harassment and differential treatment that violates one’s sense of dignity, there is a special policy document at the University with support and guidance.

Question: I just want to express my points of view but do not need any feedback. In what way can I do this?

Answer: At the end of every course and programme, you are given the opportunity to fill in an anonymous course or program evaluation. Here, you can express your points of view and complaints without receiving individual feedback.

Question: Blackboard, Ladok or the student e-mail is malfunctioning. Where do I turn?

Answer: To make complaints about technical problems, which are not linked to a specific course, contact IT-support or the Learning Centre.

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