Eduroam (EDUcation ROAMing) allows users to access a wireless network at a visited institution (also connected to eduroam) simply using the same eduroam credentials (i.e. username and password) the users would use i they were at their home institution.

How to connect to Eduroam

NOTE! If you have an Android device, first download the Eduroam CAT app from Google Play.

  • Go to and retrieve the specific eduroam password.
  • Go to and download the certificate. The page is aware of the type of device you have.
  • Choose the University of Gävle University as an institution. Sometimes you also need to enter a country and then choose Sweden.
  • Select Install / Open (depending on operating system).
  • In the username box, enter your
  • In the password box, enter the eduroam password. Be careful not to interfere with any spaces.

Eduroam is protected with WPA2

Please note that the wireless network eduroam is a security enabled network. Normally the method WPA2 is used but is also compatible with WPA. For more information about eduroam, please visit:

Eduroam will not work with these operating systems and phones

Windows 8.0 eduroam does not work with Windows 8.0, upgrade to Windows 8.1

Windows Phone 7 and 8.0 Windows Phone 8.0 does not support certificates. Windows Phone 8.0 can therefore not connect to eduroam at the University of Gävle.

Published by: Carl-Gunnar Mårtensson Page responsible: Fredrika Nordahl Westin Updated: 2020-01-16
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