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Study from home or other places

We recommend that you are using our Remote Desktop Services when you are working at home.
In that case you work on a server at the University and have access to the programs you need for your studies, such as SPSS and CAD software.


Search our databases when off-campus

You can search our databases and journals when you are off-campus, either via our databases or via the University Remote desktop.

Via databases

Choose your database at the list Databases A to Z or at the searchable datalist. When you click on the name of the database, there will be a form where you log-in by using your user account.

Access your home folder through SFTP

If you like to connect to your Home Folder you need to work with a safe  protocol. You also need an extended user account, please contact IT-support for a activation code.
E-mail: itsupport@hig.se

Instructions for using and installing the program you find here.

SFTP and SSH program

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