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Does your user account have the right level of trust?

The University of Gävle is part of the identity federation SWAMID and therefore needs to follow its regulations for how accounts are handled. Part of the regulations are trust levels on accounts and that universities manage users and logins well enough for service providers to trust that the right user is logging in.

What is trust level?

In simple terms, it is an indication of how confident we are about who holds a university account.

SWAMID Assurance Level (Identity Assurance Level Profile)

SWAMID works according to an assurance level model (Assurance Level) that is available in three levels, AL1, AL2 and AL3. The higher the number, the higher the level of assurance that SWAMID and the University of Gävle know who is using the account, but also higher demands on the identity management system.

The University of Gävle is currently approved to handle SWAMID AL1 and AL2. Today, all active user accounts at the University are approved for AL1.

Most services only need the trust profile SWAMID AL1, but gradually more and more services will require the higher trust level AL2. For example, in 2023 LADOK will introduce requirements that those who use the system have an account with AL2.

How does this affect me?

If you need to log in to a system that requires a higher level of trust, you will need to upgrade your user account to AL2 to be able to log in.

For example:

As of 2023-07-01, you must have AL2 activated on your user account when logging in to Ladok for Staff.
As of 2024-01-01, you must have AL2 activated on your user account when logging in to Ladok for Students.

How do I activate AL2 on my account?

You change your password and choose to use either antagning.se or Edu-id as a method.


You can also go to IT support and tell them that you want to activate AL2 on your user account and bring your identification document to authenticate yourself. IT support can then immediately upgrade your account to SWAMID AL2. You are then ready to use your user account in the systems that require a higher level of trust.

If you need to log into systems that require AL2 and any of the above options do not address your level, please contact IT support.

How do I know which AL level I have on my user account?

Log in to https://etools.hig.se, where you will find the AL level of your user account.


Etools level of AL
Published by: Patrik Carlsson Page responsible: Veronica Liljeroth Updated: 2023-11-10
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