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User Account

Your user account consists of a username and a password and allows you to access Ladok, Canvas, campus computers and library databases. The password for the user account must be changed once a year.

Collect your user account online

To collect your user account, you need to verify your identity. You can chose between three different methods: universityadmissions.se (antagning.se), Edu-id or via e-mail. If you have a temporary Swedish personal number you can only create your user account via e-mail.

Note that it may take up to 15 minutes before you have access to all systems with the new user account.

Choose verification method


Universityadmissions.se (Antagning.se)

If you applied for your programme or course via "Universityadmissions.se" (Antagning.se) you can create your user account using this method. You verify your identity using your personal ID number and the password you used when registering at Universityadmissions.se.

Create your user account with your login from antagning.se (choose "Antagning.se")



Edu-id allows you to verify your identity using your mobile phone or a verification code sent to the address where you are registered. This method requires you to have a Swedish personal ID number. Edu-id is a national service that ensures your identity in a similar way to Bank-id. 

Create your user account with Edu-id (choose "Edu-id")



If you want to verify your identity via e-mail you fill in your personal ID number and then you will get a weblink sent to your e-mail address. Follow the link in order to choose a password for your user account.

Create your user account via e-mail

Are you going to read data-oriented courses?

If you are going to read data-oriented courses, you need to create your user account via Antagning.se, Edu-id or personally in our IT support in building 22 to get the right level of authorization in the account. If you choose to collect the account in IT support, you need to have a valid ID with you.

If you read data-oriented courses remotely and cannot retrieve your user account via Antagning.se, Edu-id or by visiting the IT support in person, contact the IT support at e-mail itsupport@hig.se to request an expanded account.

Change your password

You need to change your password once a year.

How to set up a new password

Forgotten your password?

If you have forgotten your password you can chose a new one using the same verification method as you used when you collected your user account.

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