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Everything under the sun ends up on his desk


He meets people at the extremities of life. University priest Leif Nahnfeldt takes a genuine interest in the encounter with individuals and how he can contribute thoughts about existential and spiritual health. Aside from this, it is music that ignites his inner flame.

Leif Nahnfeldt, högskolepräst.

Leif Nahnfeldt. Photo: Britt Mattsson

We meet at the University of Gävle at a time when the premises are deserted. For students, all tuition is taking place remotely for the rest of the spring term as a measure to combat the spread of the new coronavirus, Covid-19.

– For me, the most important thing in a situation like this is to show that I’m available as a resource for students and staff at the University to talk to. What’s making me think is how we can better equip people to deal with stressful crises on both existential and spiritual levels, he says.

Important to do positive things

Something particularly close to his heart is conversations and providing tools for people who are going through tough life situations.

– When you’re going through a crisis, many people tend to start thinking about which people mean and have meant a lot to them. It becomes especially important to maintain fellowship, to do things that reinforce relationships and express positive feelings for each other, he says.


Leif Nahnfeldt

Telephone: 026-17 05 12

Mobile: 070-296 63 58

E-mail: leif.nahnfeldt@svenskakyrkan.se

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