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The autumn semester will be a mix between campus-based and remote teaching


Right now, the last preparations for the autumn semester are being carried out. Our goal is that students admitted to a campus-based programme or course should be offered teaching on campus, but the ongoing pandemic needs to be taken into consideration.

All Swedish higher education institutions have a mission to reduce the spread of the virus by following current recommendations. This means that selected course components may be taught online also in campus-based programmes. In all cases, however, course components that contain a mandatory physical presence requirement for students will be taught on campus.

Ylva Fältholm, rektor

Ylva Fältholm, vice-chancellor

“I would like to welcome all new and old students to the University of Gävle and to this new semester,” says Ylva Fältholm, vice-chancellor at the University of Gävle. “I am pleased that we are planning for a return to campus-based teaching for those of you who have applied to such a programme or course. At the same time, it is vital that we all help each other to follow the public authorities’ recommendations to reduce the spread of the virus. We focus particularly on all our new students, and we strive to give you all a good introduction to our University and a good start.”

Course coordinators and programme directors plan all education

Course coordinators and programme directors are in charge of the detailed planning for all teaching and examination, and changes may need to be made. For this reason, it is important that each student stays updated.

All students who received a letter of admission in July have received a welcome letter with more information. Information to students admitted now at the beginning of the semester is sent out as soon as possible. More information on www.hig.se/nystudent

Introduction for new students on August 26

On 26 August, there will be an introduction online in Swedish for all new students. https://www.hig.se/Ext/Sv/Student/Ny-student/Introduktion-och-upprop/Introduktionsdag-med-upprop.html. This live-streamed introduction programme will later be made available on our website. An English version will be published on the University website a few days later.

Government decision about return to campus-based teaching

At the end of May, the Government decided that all Swedish higher education institutions should return to campus-based teaching after three months of only net-based teaching and examination.

At the beginning of July, the vice-chancellor decided that we should return to campus-based teaching as far as possible given the circumstances. This decision means that if you have been admitted to a campus-based course or programmes, you should make plans for attending teaching on campus in Gävle. If you have been admitted to a distance learning programme or course, you should of course prepare for remote teaching. However, several distance learning programmes and courses contain campus-based course components, and this decision means that these should be taught on campus. However, if this proves to be impossible because of the risk of spreading the virus, online solutions will offered instead.

Alternative solutions for students belonging to a risk group

Students belonging to a risk group because of the pandemic can discuss alternative solutions. Students belonging to a risk group should turn to studentcentrum@hig.se
to deal with the matter.

If alternative solutions can’t be found according to the course coordinator, students can apply for a leave from studies. The students then keep their place in the programme and can return to their studies later on. Please note that the fact that a close relative belongs to a risk group is not a reason to discuss alternative solutions. Rather, it is the principle of social distancing which applies here.

The government has defined the criteria for belonging to a risk group:

The coronavirus/covid-19 – applicable regulations

Commuting to campus

If you have been admitted to a campus-based programme or course with campus-based teaching, you yourself as a student is responsible for travelling to campus. Presently, there are no general restrictions regarding travel to and within the Gävleborg region.

Travel companies and travellers are responsible for minimizing the risk of the spread of the virus.

Internationalisation and student exchanges

There will be no international student exchanges this semester. The University of Gävle pauses all such exchanges: no students will go abroad, and no international students will come to Sweden. Alternative solutions will be discussed with all students concerned.

Programmes offered to international students will be taught remotely during the autumn semester, as was decided earlier. A decision regarding a return to campus-based teaching in the spring semester for, for example, Master’s programmes taught in English may be taken in September.

Programme directors together with the teaching staff, who plan all details of courses and programmes, will inform each student.

General recommendations:

  • If you are ill, even with only mild symptoms, you should stay at home and wait two days after you have fully recovered before you return. If you fall ill on campus, you should go home immediately.
  • We are all responsible for keeping our distance from each other and observe good hand hygiene.
  • Campus-based course components must be organized in such a way so that we minimize the risk of spreading the virus. Crowds of more than 50 people will be avoided in all activities.
  • The distance between seats at lectures and seminars, in dining halls and cafes and in other places will be adapted to minimize the risk of spreading the virus. We must all contribute by keeping our distance from each other.
  • If possible, we should avoid activities which include close contact, for instance in practical courses.

Do you have questions?

Students can turn to studentcentrum@hig.se or pose questions in the chat at hig.se

Published by: Anna-Carin Skytt Page responsible: Anders Munck Updated: 2020-08-25
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