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”This is an area that has long been stigmatised in Sweden”


Spiritism, patient participation in healthcare and the success of cooperative education. There are some topics you can delve into in the new issue of the magazine LEVE! from the University of Gävle.

Bild omslaget LEVE! nummer 3. Foto på Sara Duppils.

Sara Duppils is a teacher of religious psychology at the University. Childhood experiences aroused her curiosity about the spiritual. Ever since, throughout her life this interest has driven her to find out more about a world that can feel so close, yet so far away. The other world.

– I’ve researched contemporary spiritualism, notions of spirits and so-called supernatural experiences. This is an area that has long been stigmatised in Sweden and also in other countries – but especially in Sweden. But I want to stress this: that the feeling of someone else's presence is something natural and part of being human, says Sara Duppils.

Supporting cancer patients

In the magazine you can also read about research conducted by Anna Efverman, Associate Professor of Caring Science at the University of Gävle.

– My research focuses on reducing symptoms and increasing function, activity and work ability during long-term illnesses, especially those linked to cancer. This may involve supporting patients so that they can have a better everyday life during and beyond their bout with cancer, facilitating their return to work, improving quality of life and promoting a healthy life.

Cooperative education

Also, get to know more about cooperative education and the benefits of these programmes.

– Many people who are studying don't really know what to expect after graduation. By reading a programme with a co-op focus, you get good insight into how working life works, and you get to connect your theoretical studies with reality from an early stage. At the same time, you gather the experience that is demanded in every job advert, says Rita Al-Sabti, who is studying to be an environmental engineer.

Read the magazine in a digital version.

Text: Anna Sällberg


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