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Win a well-stocked goodie bag by telling us how you make a difference!


The University is holding a contest with the aim of increasing awareness of the University's new vision and core values. To win one of our five well-stocked goodie bags, you just need to tell us how you make a difference and what credibility, openness and creativity mean to you.

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For a chance to win one of our promotional goodie bags, please describe how you make a difference and what our core values credibility, openness and creativity mean to you.

  • I make a difference by:
  • For me, credibility is...
  • For me, openness is...
  • For me, creativity is...

Briefly answer the questions and send your contribution to the following e-mail address: vision@hig.se We need to receive your answer by 18 November at the very latest.

The five winning participants will each be awarded a well-stocked goodie bag branded with the core values of the University. Additionally, approximately fifty lovely cloth bags will be awarded to other participants.

NB: Please specify your name, course or programme at the University of Gävle.

We wish good luck to all participants!

The jury

The jury is composed of: Vice-Chancellor Ylva Fältholm; Petra Jönsson, president of the Gefle Student Union; Patrice Laredius and Maria Åstrand Swenneke, student recruitment.

Our new vision and core values

Our vision: To be the first-hand choice for any and all who wishes to make a difference.
Our core values: Credibility, openness and creativity.

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