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Corona: University of Gävle switches to online teaching


All teaching should be online, and all members of staff are to continue to work from home as much as possible.

University of Gävle has revised its recommendations in response to the increasing cases of COVID-19 and the stricter guidelines and recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden for the Gävleborg region as well as the Swedish government’s new restrictions regarding public gatherings.

After consultations with the Vice-Chancellor’s Management Council and the University Coordination Committe for Pandemic-related Measures, the Vice-Chancellor has decided to update the guidelines for University operations and teaching for the rest of the autumn semester.

Updated guidelines for the autumn semester:

All teaching at University of Gävle, both in campus-based and web-based courses and programmes, should be conducted online, as far as possible.

However, if an examination requires a certain type of room or equipment, face-to-face meetings on campus can be conducted, but all such meetings need to meet requirements to avoid the spread of the infection.

  • Head of Faculties can decide, after consultation with course coordinator/examiner, to conduct necessary course components on campus.
  • The University campus is only open for students and members of staff.
  • Contact the University via phone, e-mail or chats. Avoid visits in person if possible.
  • Students are encouraged to study at home.
  • University staff are to work from home as much as possible, but the needs of the organisation must be taken into account.

These updated guidelines apply from Tuesday 17 November and should come into effect as soon as possible. The measures taken apply for the rest of the autumn semester, unless a new decision is made.

A new version of this piece of news will be published shortly.

Published by: Anna-Carin Skytt Page responsible: Anders Munck Updated: 2020-11-17
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