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New login page for Ladok for students


The change is to simplify the selection of login

It will now be easier to find your university and also easier to find the login for eduID that can be used by students who no longer have an active account at the university

New login page

The new login page works the same way as the old one, you use it to choose which institution you want to log in with.

Search for the University of Gävle by typing Gävle or in the search box.

If you experience problems with the login, be sure to choose the login option University of Gävle. The option Hogskolan i Gavle - Library unfortunately generates an error message and prevents login.

Hur du väljer rätt inloggningsalternativ

Choose University of Gävle.

Published by: Liselotte Laurila Page responsible: Veronica Liljeroth Updated: 2021-03-23
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