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Pausit is a program that ensures that you move regularly and in the right way during your study day. Pausit offers simple movement, stretching, breathing and relaxation exercises that are displayed in a user-friendly way. You can access it via the Remote Desktop.

Exempel på två pausrörelser i programvaran Pausit

You can choose when, how often, for how long and at what times you want the program to start. At the times you have chosen, you will receive a clear but discreet reminder in the lower right corner of the screen and decide for yourself whether you want to start the session then or not. An animated trainer appears on the screen and shows simple exercises that you follow.

Install Pausit via the Remote desktop

The Remote Desktop is a way of working on the University's local network, regardless of where you are geographically and what type of device you use. You are connected to a computer at the University but experience it as you work on your own. Via the Remote Desktop, you can access software that you are missing on your own computer, such as Pausit.

Manual for logging in to Remote Desktop


You can customize Pausit to your needs. You make the settings under the gear wheel on the top left of the pause program window.

Examples of setting options and functions:

  • Enter workouts you like as favourites and create workouts with your favourite exercises
  • You can specify a problem area, such as shoulders, to get suggestions for exercises for that particular area
  • Choose different times for different days
  • Choose different types of exercises at different times (random, relaxation or favourite exercises)
  • Seven different languages ​​Swedish, English, Norwegian, German, French, Spanish and Dutch

Pausit manual

Published by: Satu Moberg Page responsible: Anders Munck Updated: 2021-03-12
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