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Help stop the pandemic!


Please think one more time if you are considering to travel during the Easter break, or go to a party or hang out with someone other than your usual “bubble”!

The spread of the covid-19 virus is still high in the county of Gävleborg and in large parts of Sweden. Many young people get seriously ill. We need to do whatever we can to stop the pandemic.

The general recommendations are that you should not spend time with anyone other than the immediate family and no more than a maximum of eight people.

The recommendations must be followed

The University of Gävle is constantly taking various measures to enable the education to be carried out, right now mainly online. We want to help you as a student to achieve your goals. But in order for us to continue to be able to have our campus open, such as the library, everyone needs to keep distance, use mouth protection when needed, maintain good hand hygiene and always be asymptomatic when staying on campus.

Test yourself at the slightest symptom

With the dominance of the British virus variant in the county, the infection control authority in Gävleborg now recommends that tests for covid-19 should be taken no later than within 24 hrs after symptoms have occurred. Previously, the recommendation was to take a test within 48 hrs.

/University of Gävle and the County of Gävleborg

Published by: Satu Moberg Page responsible: Anders Munck Updated: 2021-03-31
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