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New opening hours for students at the University of Gävle


The university is changing its opening hours. From 30 April 2021, the premises are open to students from 05:00 to 24:00. A valid HiG-card is required for admission to the University. The University is closed from 00:00 to 05:00.

A decision to keep the University closed at night has been made. The decision means that you as a student do not have access to the University premises between 00.00-05.00.

Night closure has been implemented to ensure that only eligible authorized persons have access to the University premises. This provides a safer work and study environment.

Exemption can be given to students who need access at night in connection with study-related activities.

FAQ about night closure at HiG

What do the new opening hours (closed at night) mean?

Closed at night means that you as a student cannot enter the University premises at night (unless you have an exemption). This applies from 30 April 2021.

What times apply to the night closure?

The University is closed every day at 00:00-05:00.

Why is HiG closing at night?

There are several reasons for implementing night closure, for example:

  • Night closure makes it easier for security officers to ensure that only authorized people stay on the premises. This contributes to safety and security for the people who have to work on the premises during inconvenient working hours.
  • When the buildings are closed at night, ventilation and lighting can be reduced, which is good for both the environment and the economy.
  • Closed rooms mean less dirt and rubbish. The night closure contributes to a better working environment for cleaning personnel.
How are other universities handling this issue?

Several universities have night closure, but closing hours and rules vary.

What happens if I stay on the premises after midnight? Can I then not exit?

You can never be locked in on our premises. Open buttons and exit work as usual.

N.B. Do not use emergency handles as these generate alarms and emergency charges. This rule applies all hours.

If I accidentally stay past the closing time and the security officer shows up - what happens then?

Everyone can make a mistake and happen to be left behind when the closing time has started. Just finish your work, pack up and leave the premises.

What happens if I have to stay in a room after closing time?

Your HiG card will not work in the card readers after 24.00. If something unforeseen happens and you have to stay in a room: Do not leave your phone, jacket, etc. in a room that you cannot access without passing a card reader.

I am a student and thought of applying for an exemption to be able to be at the University and study at night. May I?

If there are study-related needs in a course for students to stay on the premises at night (at 00.00-05.00), then exemption can be granted by the University security office. You apply for exemption via a special web form.

How will the security officer check if I have an exemption if I am found on the premises during the night?

You will receive an email that you have been granted an exemption. Save that email so you can show it to the security officer.

If I (who have an exemption) think that someone who does not have an exemption is staying on the premises, what do I do then? I may not dare or want to confront the person.

It is very good that you are vigilant, as it helps to create security in our buildings. You do not have to expose yourself to an awkward situation, you can always contact security officers by using the University's emergency number, telephone 070-656 15 00.

More questions

If you have more questions, you are welcome to contact the University by e-mail sakerhet@hig.se.

Published by: Fredrika Nordahl Westin Page responsible: Anders Munck Updated: 2021-04-28
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