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Gradual return to campus-based teaching


The University hopes to be able to return to campus-based teaching during the latter part of the autumn semester. However, previous decisions apply, which means that the University will continue with primarily online teaching during the first study period. Our summer courses will also be conducted online, as planned.

At the end of May, the government and the Public Health Agency of Sweden announced that as of 1 June the recommendation for distance learning would be removed, so that higher education institutions could return to teaching on campus. Importantly, the return to campus should be a gradual process and regional infections rates should be considered. Moreover, the Public Health Agency's other recommendations must continue to be followed.

Primarily online teaching until November 7

University of Gävle’s decision that teaching will primarily be conducted online during the beginning of the autumn term still applies. This decision means that teaching will primarily be conducted online until November 7, even if your programme or course is campus-based. However, several teaching activities can be carried out on campus, for example laboratory work and method exercises.

If you plan to begin studying at a campus-based programme or course at University of Gävle, you will receive information via welcome letters and from your course coordinators about how teaching will be conducted.

Students are welcome to Gävle

New students as well as current students should expect that teaching in the latter part of the semester will most probably be carried out on campus to a large extent.

“We encourage students to plan for teaching activities on campus, when planning accommodation, for example. Students should plan for taking part in teaching on campus and in other parts of student life,” Maria Strand says.

The introduction for new students will be carried out online again this year and will be broadcasted via Facebook on 25 August. Two days later, on August 27, an online introduction in English for international students will be held.

Decision for the second study period

A decision for study period two, starting from 7 November, will be taken no later than the end of August. It seems very likely that the University will be able to return to announced teaching formats for each study programme and course in November .

“According to the authorities' current timetable, the restrictions will have been lifted at this point so that we can return to campus-based teaching. However, we want to monitor developments a little longer, not least in our region, to have a solid basis for such a decision,” Maria Strand says.

International exchanges can be resumed

Exchanges for students at University of Gävle can be carried out provided that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not advise against travel to the intended country. Moreover, an agreement with the receiving partner university is required. Exchange activities for students from partner universities can be carried out; the decision on primarily online teaching applies to these students, as well as to so-called "free movers".

Contribute in our efforts to reduce the spread of the virus

To work together in reducing the spread of the virus, we need to keep being careful about physical distance and hand hygiene and about avoiding visits to campus if we have the slightest symptoms of illness.

Limits your contacts and socialize only with the ones closest to you.

Information about how an examination via Zoom is carried out

Published by: Anna-Carin Skytt Page responsible: Anders Munck Updated: 2021-06-07
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