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How the heavy rain fall affects the University and its surroundings in Gävle


Gävle Municipality has been severely affected by the heavy rainfall the night between Tuesday and Wednesday. At the University of Gävle campus, some spaces in the basement have a few inches of water on the floors. Moreover, student lodgings at Kungsbäcksvägen have been evacuated because the soil is unstable.

Apelgatan, regn.

This is how it looked like at Apelgatan in Gävle.

The Division of Facility Management and Service, together with Akademiska hus, are managing the water in the University basement, but please note that the lifts are out of order.

Apart from that, no other water damages have been discovered. However, due to the difficult traffic situation in the city, all University staff are recommended to work from home, if possible.

Landslide hazard near student lodgings

On Wednesday morning, the police were notified that soil masses had become unstable on Kungsbäcksvägen near one of the buildings used for student housing next to our campus. Due to risk of a landslide, the residents were evacuated before lunch, according to the police website. The police have also cordoned off the area.

On Tuesday night, an important message to the public was issued: a class 2 warning for heavy rainfall. The recommendation to stay at home was lifted by the Rescue Service on Wednesday morning.

Student health services offers individual counselling

Students who worry about their studies and/or accommodation due to the heavy rain fall can turn to Student Health counsellors for support.

E-mail: kurator@hig.se

Student Health at University of Gävle

Published by: Anna Sällberg Page responsible: Anders Munck Updated: 2021-08-19
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