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Apply for courses within your programme no later than October 15


As a programme student at the University of Gävle you need to apply for courses via Universityadmissions.se. The principal rule is that all programme students have to choose courses within their programmes before semester two and the following semesters.

Which courses should I apply for?

In the course overview, you see which courses you should apply for and what application codes they have. If you have questions regarding this, please contact your programme coordinator.

Course overview for application within programmes

Apply via universityadmissions.se

You apply via universityadmissions.se. Application deadline is October 15 for the spring semester.

Go to Universityadmissions.se to apply

Instructions on how to apply


Do you have questions about how to apply?

Phone: 026-64 81 00, Monday - Thursday 19.00 - 10.00

E-mail: studentsupport@hig.se

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