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Denna nyhet är äldre än 6 månader och är kanske inte aktuell längre.

Students back on campus


As of Monday 8 November, campus will gradually be opened for teaching on campus for student who have chosen a campus-based programme or course.


The Vice-Chancellor decided in early October that campus-based courses and programmes will primarily be taught on campus in study period 2 beginning on 7 November. Written examinations will also be conducted on campus.

This means that virtually all restrictions due to the pandemics will have been lifted regarding the activities of University of Gävle. Members of staff began to return to their offices on campus already in October. Campus entrances and service functions also re-opened earlier in October.

“Going back to business-as-usual feels good," says Maria Strand, chair of the coordination committee for pandemic-related measures. “Seeing a bit more life and activity on campus again will be great. We know that meeting in person is important, and we hope students will take advantage of these opportunities as there will be more teaching on campus now. At the same time, we want to make sure that we continue to avoid spreading the infection and that we show consideration. Stay at home when you have symptoms, for example, and wash your hand often.”

Exceptions can still be made for large groups, however, so teachers may use Zoom or other digital tools. Moreover, many of our large lecture halls on campus are still closed due to water damage caused by the heavy rainfall in Gävle in the middle of August and that limits the possibilities to conduct teaching on campus to a certain degree.

A gradual return

The University management stresses the fact that the return to more campus-based teaching will be orderly and gradual. Expect a transitional period that may last for the rest of the autumn term.

“In addition, the Public Health Agency of Sweden points out that we need to be vigilant about the development of the pandemic and remain prepared to swiftly adapt our teaching activities to the current rate of infection and that regional restrictions may still be necessary," Maria Strand says.

Water-damage on campus so no external actors can rent campus premises

Due to water damage some of our premises need to be restored, and, as a result, no premises will be rented out for external events, nor will it be possible to hold career fairs for students. However, student associations and the student union will be able to use the premises on campus for meetings and the like.

The computer rooms and lecture halls on the ground floor in buildings 13, 51 and 99 are closed. The restoration work may continue until the end of November.

The Public Health Agency of Sweden’s recommendations

Getting the vaccine is the best way to avoid serious illness and limit the spread of COVID-19.

Adults who are not fully vaccinated should show special consideration for people in risk groups and those over 70 years of age. They should also take special precautions to protect themselves from being infected and others from being infected.

Generally, everyone should keep paying attention to symptoms of COVID-19. If you suspect that you have COVID-19, you should stay at home and avoid contact with other people. It is also important to keep washing your hands often.

“We do not require any COVID-19 vaccination passports and, as an employer, we are not allowed to register any information on individual employees’ choices regarding vaccination. This is true also for all our students,” Maria Strand says. “However, we encourage everyone to get vaccinated. All students are welcome to get vaccinated in our region Gävleborg, even if they have a different ‘home region.’”

Café Prego will re-open

Since September, the so-called Bakfickan has been open in Fårhallen. At the beginning of November, Café Prego will re-open too. The restaurant Markan will not open until in the spring at the earliest.

Text: Tommy Löfgren

Published by: Anna-Carin Skytt Page responsible: Anders Munck Updated: 2021-11-04
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