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The new guidelines on vaccination certificates


The Public Health Agency of Sweden has issued new guidelines regarding vaccination certificates as from 1 December. Importantly, these guidelines do not apply to lectures or examinations at the University, as such teaching activities are not considered to be public gatherings or public events.


University of Gävle follows all recommendations the Public Health Agency of Sweden issues. As from 1 December, vaccination certificates, or so-called covid passes, will be required for events with more than 100 participants that are open to the public.

As lectures and examinations are not considered public gatherings, the new guidelines will not affect day-to-day operations at the University. However, the new guidelines may affect graduation ceremonies in January.

“We will contact all programme directors who are planning graduation ceremonies,” says Maria Strand, head of the Division of Educational Support. “We recommend that plans are made for a fully digital solution or for a hybrid solution, where students can be present on campus while family and friends can participate online.”

The University has already decided not to allow external conferences or events on campus during the autumn semester. As a result, the decision on vaccination certificates for public events with more than 100 participants will not affect such operations on campus in the near future either.

“We hope to be able to avoid having to develop procedures to check whether people have a vaccination certificate or not,” says Maria Strand, “and, for the time being, it seems possible.”

The University’s coordination committee, which deals with issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic, continues its mission.

“We monitor developments and pay close attention to national authorities as well as to the region. In December, we will have to decide how to conduct the University’s activities during the spring semester. Right now, we see ourselves as continuing with an open campus, both for teaching and for working,” Maria Strand says.

Published by: Anna-Carin Skytt Page responsible: Anders Munck Updated: 2021-11-29
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