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"The environment is of great importance for people’s well-being"


In the new issue of the University's magazine LEVE! you will meet Komal Singh Rambaree who researches environmental aspects in social work. You can also immerse yourself in research related to flexible work, as well as read about a successful alumnus who is now working with furniture design.

Omslaget på tidningen.

When Komal Singh Rambaree started working at the University of Gävle in 2010 he was teaching in the International Bachelor’s Programme in Social Work and the goal was to continue his research in this area, focusing on environmental aspects.

– It’s part of the philosophy of social work that we must see people in their environment. You can’t tackle a problem that a person has without taking into account the environment that the person has around them. Well-established universities in the US, Canada and Australia are now trying to plan to introduce courses similar to ones that we implemented several years ago. They contact us and ask how we did it, so that feels good, he says.

Studies related to flexible work

The corona pandemic has led to more flexible work and many people have been working from home for a long time. At the University of Gävle, researchers conduct several studies related to flexible work and how our health is affected by it.

– So far, these are preliminary results, but we have looked at two organizations. There we saw that working from home involuntarily was associated with poorer well-being and more conflicts from private life to work, says Marina Heiden, associate professor of Occupational health science.

Text: Anna Sällberg

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